Magazine Articles
“You Gotta Have Character: Robert Johnson,” Digital Hero #1, June 2002, 4-8
“You Gotta Have Character: Luis Ferdinand Celine,” Digital Hero #2, July/Aug 2002, 8-12
“You Gotta Have Character: Josephine Baker,” Digital Hero #3, September 2002, 9-15
“You Gotta Have Character: Pope Alexander,” Digital Hero #4, October 2002, 10-14
“You Gotta Have Character: William Walker,” Digital Hero #5, November 2002, 17-22
“Days of Wooden Thunder,” City Bike, November 2002, 32-33
“You Gotta Have Character: Tomas de Torquemada ,” Digital Hero #6, December 2002, 24-29
“You Gotta Have Character: Matthew Hopkins,” Digital Hero #7, February 2003, 18-22
“You Gotta Have Character: Bill “the Butcher” Pool,” Digital Hero #8, March 2003, 6-10
“You Gotta Have Character: Lord Byron,” Digital Hero #9, April 2003, 24-30
“You Gotta Have Character: Andrew Jackson Davis,” Digital Hero #10, May 2003, 15-20
“You Gotta Have Character: Miyamoto Musashi ,” Digital Hero #11, June 2003, 15-20
“Actual Nazi Bikers,” City Bike, July 2003, 26-28
“You Gotta Have Character: Eleanor of Aquitaine,” Digital Hero #12, August 2003, 14-20
“You Gotta Have Character: Reynard the Fox,” Digital Hero #13, September 2003, 18-23
“You Gotta Have Character: Aimee Semple McPherson,” Digital Hero #14, October 2003, 17-22
“You Gotta Have Character: Hatshepsut,” Digital Hero #15, November 2003, 6-11
“Dreadwood, Missouri,” Digital Hero #15, November 2003, 12-30
“You Gotta Have Character: Robert Hooke,” Digital Hero #16, December 2003, 15-24
“Biker Hero,” Digital Hero #16, December 2003, 28-56
“You Gotta Have Character: Weegee the Famous,” Digital Hero #17, February 2004, 16-21
“You Gotta Have Character: Little George Hensley ,” Digital Hero #18, March 2004, 13-18
“You Gotta Have Character: Jim Savage,” Digital Hero #19, April 2004, 14-18
“You Gotta Have Character: Alexander Keith McClurg,” Digital Hero #20, May 2004, 14-19
“The Enemy of My Enemy,” Digital Hero #20, May 2004, 33-66
“You Gotta Have Character: John Gotti,”Digital Hero #21, June 2004, 7-12
“Leftover Hero: Migdalar Outpost,”Digital Hero #21, June 2004, 42-51
“You Gotta Have Character: Mungo Park,”Digital Hero #22, August 2004, 5-10
“You Gotta Have Character: Harold Francis Davidson,”Digital Hero #23, September 2004, 5-10
“You Gotta Have Character: Calamity Jane,”Digital Hero #24, October 2004, 6-11
“You Gotta Have Character: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec,”Digital Hero #25, November 2004, 6-12
“You Gotta Have Character: Cabeza de Vaca,”Digital Hero #26, December 2004, 5-11
“You Gotta Have Character: Ballarat Bandit,”Digital Hero #27, February 2005, 5-11
“Roadside Crosses,” City Bike, February 2005, 8
“You Gotta Have Character: El Santo,”Digital Hero #28, March 2005, 5-15
“Mothers Against Moto Bling Bling,” City Bike, March 2005, 22-23
“You Gotta Have Character: Liver-Eating Johnson,”Digital Hero #29, April 2005, 5-12
“Urban Californians: The New Hobbits,” San Francisco Herald, March/April 2005, 14-16
“You Gotta Have Character: Pytheas,”Digital Hero #30, May 2005, 5-10
“Super Daly Uber Alles,” San Francisco Herald, May/June 2005
“Falling Down,” City Bike, June 2005, 20-21
“You Gotta Have Character: Flavius Belisarius,”Digital Hero #31, July 2005, 4-11
“You Gotta Have Character: Sidney Gottlieb,” Digital Hero #32, August 2005, 8-16
“You Gotta Have Character: Marvin 'Killdozer' Heemeyer,” Digital Hero #33, October 2005, 5-11
“You Gotta Have Character: Kristina Wasa,” Digital Hero #34, December 2005, 5-12
“You Gotta Have Character: Veerappan,” Digital Hero #35, February 2006, 5-12
“You Gotta Have Character: Screamin' Jay Hawkins,” Digital Hero #36, April 2006, 7-14
“You Gotta Have Character: Sandwina,” Digital Hero #37, May 2006, 5-9
“You Gotta Have Character: Dr. Gerald Bull,” Digital Hero #38, July 2006, 5-16
“You Gotta Have Character: Rondo Hatton,” Digital Hero #39, August 2006, 6-11
“You Gotta Have Character: Feliciano “Commander Toothpick” Luces,” Digital Hero #40, September 2006, 5-10
“You Gotta Have Character: Emperor Norton,” Digital Hero #41, January 2007, 5-10
“You Gotta Have Character: Victoria Woodhull,” Digital Hero #42, March 2007, 6-12
“You Gotta Have Character: Merian Cooper,” Digital Hero #43, May 2007, 6-11
“You Gotta Have Character: Rafael Semmes,” Digital Hero #44, July 2007, 5-11
“You Gotta Have Character: Spring-Heeled Jack,” Digital Hero #45, September 2007, 5-10
“You Gotta Have Character: Yellow Henry Gang,” Digital Hero #46, November 2007, 5-9
“You Gotta Have Character: Tom Horn,” Digital Hero #47, January 2008, 5-10

Books, Author
Fist Full of Darkness (Toronto: Maga Publications, 1990)
You Gotta Have Character (San Francisco: Hero Games, 2006)
Scourges of the Galaxy (New York: Hero Games, 2008)
The Vast White, The Murderer's Edge, vol. 1 (Louisville: Blackwyrm Books, 2009)
An Unforgiving Land (Louisville: Blackwyrm Books, 2010)
Posthegemony: Terra Nomenklatura (Louisville: Blackwyrm Books, 2010)
Naka (The Civilizing War) (Louisville: Blackwyrm Books, 2013)

Books, Coauthor
Allen Thomas and Jason Walters, Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds (San Francisco: Hero Games, 2004)
Jason Walters and Steven S. Long, Enchanted Items (New York: Hero Games, 2007)
Darren Watts and Jason Walters, Lucha Libre Hero (New York: Hero Games, 2009)

Books, Contributing Author

Darren Watts and others, “Let's Go To The Maul” in Champions Battlegrounds (San Francisco: Hero Games, 2003)
Darren Watts and others, Vibora Bay (San Francisco: Hero Games, 2004)
Allen Thomas and others, Worlds of Empire (San Francisco: Hero Games, 2006)
Steven S. Long and others, “Destinations” in Post-Apocalyptic Hero (New York: Hero Games, 2007)
Gary Gygax and others, “Lefty Sanchez Reporting” in Of Dice and Pen (Denver: Flying Pen Press, 2008)
Steven S. Long and others, “Invasive Species” in Urban Fantasy Hero (New York: Hero Games, 2009)
Adam Rockoff and others, “Evil Eight: The Secret Language of Slasher Films” in Butcher Knives & Body Counts: Essays on the Formula, Frights, and Fun of the Slasher Film (New York: Dark Scribe Press, 2011)
L. Andrew Cooper and others, "The German" in Man-Made Troubles: The Five Minuet Frankenstein (Louisville: Blackwyrm Books, forthcoming)

Hero Plus Adventures, Author 
The Crossroads Blues (New York: Hero Games, 2010)

Editorial Credits 
Ian Harac, The Rainbow Connection, edited by Dave Mattingly and Jason Walters (Louisville: Blackwyrm Books, 2009)
Lynn Tincher, Afterthoughts, edited by Dave Mattingly and Jason Walters (2008; reprint, Louisville: Blackwyrm Books, 2009)
Dirk Vandereyken, Baour: Strands of Death, edited by Dave Mattingly and Jason Walters (Louisville: Blackwyrm Books, 2009)
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Micheal Williams, Trajan's Arch, edited by Dave Mattingly and Jason Walters (Louisville: Blackwyrm Books, 2011)
Wilson Zornwill, At The Hands of an Angry God, edited by Jason Walters (Louisville: Blackwyrm Books, forthcoming)

Champions Complete (Gerlach: Hero Games, 2012)
The Monster Hunter International Employee Handbook and Roleplaying Game (Gerlach: Hero Games, 2013)

Awards and Award Nominations
Champions Complete: 2013 ENnie Award nominee for Product of the Year, Best Game, Best Rules, Best Art; Cover 
Lucha Libre Hero: 2010 ENnie Award nominee for Best Supplement
Champions Battlegrounds: 2002 Gold ENnie Award for Best Non-D20 Adventure